Solidarity with Polish Women ‪#‎ODZYSKACWYBOR‬

Avec ma collègue Isabelle Thomas et le groupe S&D du Parlement européen, nous avons décidé d’afficher notre soutien et notre solidarité aux femmes polonaises afin que leurs droits, lourdement mis en cause,  soient respectés.

Je vous invite à en faire de même en participant à la campagne initiée par l’ONG Astra :


The “Stop Abortion” civic committee has almost succeeded in submitting a draft law introducing a complete ban on abortion and a new category into the criminal code – “prenatal murder”, which will introduce penalty of 3 to 5 years in prison for women, doctors and anyone helping a woman to perform an abortion. If abortion is unintentional the penalty will be up to 3 years. The Court will have the possibility to drop charges. In the rationale, the authors of the draft law quote the teachings of Polish Pope, John Paul II, refer to the Polish constitution which grants legal protection to all human beings (it doesn’t however clarify when human life begins) and also selectively quote the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Additionally they also propose to replace the term “human fetus” with “conceived child” where possible. The draft law doesn’t at all refer to the protection of woman’s life, health and wellbeing.

This anti-choice initiative is currently waiting for the decision of the Marshall of the Sejm on whether it will be registered. The deadline for decision is Monday, April 11th. If successful, the “Stop Abortion” committee will then have 3 months to collect 100 000 signatures to ensure that the law will be debated in the Polish Parliament.

Only recently Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydło, said that she supports this initiative and “hopes for a reasonable voice on behalf of the episcopate to ensure a substantive discussion”. On Sunday, April 3rd, the statement of the Polish episcopate was read aloud in all churches in Poland. The signatories of this document state that life begins from the moment of conception and ends with natural death. They called upon all people, Parliamentarians and policy makers to ensure legal protection of unborn children.

The anti-choice community, with great support from the Catholic and conservative groups, is currently very strong as the current government consists mainly of politicians with conservative attitudes. The current law allows women to terminate pregancy only when her life and/or health is threatened, when the preganancy results from a criminal act or when the foetus is severly damaged. However obtaining a legal abortion within the current law is very difficult, sometimes even impossible.

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